The initial situation ...

... for the buy side

Numerous buyers of companies would like to invest in the attartive German Mittelstand (German Medium-Sized Companies). In their search for suitable target companies, they optimize their homepage, send their search criteria to selected M&A advisors, seek mentions in relevant magazines and travel across Germany to present themselves and their investment criteria personally. All this consumes resources that cannot be used in the investor's core business. We wondered: can't this be done more efficiently?

... for the sell-side

On the other hand, there is the company seller or his M&A advisor. He has to research potential buyers (investors or companies) from different sources who could theoretically be interested in his target company. Often it is not known who is the contact person there and whether the companies are generally interested in acquisitions. Current developments in the investors strategy also require personal contact. We wondered: can't this be done more efficiently?

The idea

A plattform, a smart tool, that lets you generate a long list in seconds and serves the needs of the buy-side and the sell-side. SLISTER is the idea of experienced M&A professionals who know the challenges of the buy-side as well as the challenges of the Sell-side. Based on this knowledge they developed SLISTER.

The name

„SLISTER - what does it stand for?“

We convert the longlist into the Smartlist, because we provide the perfect match with contact details of the relevant person. The tool ist the SmartLister in short: SLISTER.

The team

Steffen Bolz

Steffen BolzFounder and Managing Director

Steffen is Managing Director of SLISTER. As managing partner of the M&A boutique WESTFALENFINANZ GmbH, he was able to observe and shape the development of the industry over the years. This gave rise to the idea of a platform on which company buyers can register with their detailed search criteria and have them found by sellers - SLISTER.

Kornelius KruseBusiness Development

As an employee in the area of business development, Kornelius supports SLISTER in its ongoing optimisation. His experience in IT and M&A processes helps him to combine both sides in a meaningful way.

Kornelius Kruse

The cooperation partners

SLISTER is supported in its work by cooperation partners. We would like to thank all partners for the successful cooperation.

The "Deutsche Institut für Unternehmensnachfolge e. V. " (German Institute for Corporate Succession) deals with internal and external corporate succession in owner-managed German SMEs. With the help of this platform an exchange of experience between experienced experts and interested entrepreneurs as well as potential successors is to be supported.

Further information about our partner can be found at www.difu.org/

FRANKFURT BUSINESS MEDIA - The F.A.Z.-Fachverlag project "Business Succession" aims to take account of the increasingly upcoming generational change in German companies and to initiate and support a smooth handover process. The aim is to inform, sensitize and network both established entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs and start-ups about the topic of "business succession".

Further information about our partner can be found at www.unternehmensnachfolge-gesucht.de

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