Functionality and advantages

Free for the sell-side

Your query gives you access to a large number of potential buyers for your company. The buyers have the opportunity to maintain their profile and provide contact information in order to introduce themselves professionally to you. For you as a seller, this process is and remains free of charge.

Representation of buyers by relevance

Through the intelligent evaluation of your query, only potential buyers with a good fit are presented to you. The presentation of the Smartlist is also based on your query and places the information about the buyers relevant to you in the foreground.

Intuitive user interface

After registration you have the possibility to generate and save various queries. You can adjust the saved queries at any time and will be informed as soon as new company buyers who correspond to a saved query have registered. Export to various formats is possible at any time.

Extensive buyer database

At SLISTER you will find a large number of qualified buyers for your company. These include German and European financial investors, companies, private individuals and family offices. Identifying these through a conventional search is only possible with a considerable amount of time.

Greater efficiency in the sales process

The creation of a query usually only takes a few minutes. Based on your data, our intelligent algorithm can create your individual Smartlist in a few seconds. This minimizes the research effort and the sales consultant can concentrate on the complex process design.

Sector-specific contact persons

By specifying the responsible contact persons, access to potential buyers is made significantly easier for you. Unlike corporate exchanges, you don't have to deal with unqualified queries because you have full control over who you want to contact.

The sell-side explained in 3 minutes (German)

In this video we explain the functionalities of the sell-side and show you step by step how to create your own smart list to find suitable buyers for a target company with SLISTER (in German).

Steps to the Smartlist


Free and non-binding registration

Register with SLISTER today. For the sell-side, both the registration and the use of the platform with all features are free of charge - and will remain so in the future.


Creating and managing queries

In your personal user area you have the possibility to create and manage various dynamic queries. If new investors with suitable criteria register with SLISTER, you will be informed automatically.


View and export your individual Smartlists

You can export the Smartlist generated from your queries in various open formats for further processing and view it together with your clients. This gives you absolute control over your processes.


Q. What is a Smartlist?

The Smartlist is the result of a sell-side query. All representatives of the buy-side that match the query are listed here. Depending on the quality of the fit, you will receive so-called matching points, which determine your rank in the Smartlist.

Q. What are Matching Points (MPs) and how does the matching / scoring work?

Matching Points (MPs) describe the quality of the fit of the registered buyer to the request. The amount of MPs is calculated on the basis of a complex algorithm that compares all investment criteria, keywords and portfolio companies with the request.

Q. What are matches?

A match means that you are on a created smart list - your search profile matches a seller's query. In the Matches area of your user area you will find an overview on which Smartlists you were represented. The view contains information about sectors, sub-sectors, sales, achieved matchingpoints and your rank in the Smartlist. In addition, we will inform you - if desired - regularly by e-mail about new matches.

Q. What does the use of SLISTER cost me?

SLISTER is free of charge for the sell-side - and will remain so in the future.

Q. What information does the buy-side receive about my company?

If a match occurs, both the potential buyer and the seller are informed. The potential buyer does not receive any information about the seller and his company, but is exclusively informed about the sector, sub-sector and turnover as well as the achieved matching points and his rank on the Smartlist.

Q. Can I save my created queries?

Yes, the queries can be named (e.g. by project name, sector, etc.) and saved. The number of saved queries is unlimited. We therefore recommend that you name the queries uniquely (e.g. by project name, sector, etc.).

Q. What happens if buyers who match my search profile register after my query?

You will be informed as soon as new company buyers who correspond to a saved search profile have registered.

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