Functionality and advantages

Professional display of search criteria

The professional presentation of your profile, tailored to the seller's request, ensures that you present yourself to the seller in the best possible way. Matching points make the fit transparent.

High visibility for sellers

By registering and maintaining your search profile, you automatically become part of all matching and saved smart lists. Compared to a conventional roadshow, this makes your deal acquisition faster, easier and significantly cheaper.

High fit of buyers and target companies

With the help of an intelligent algorithm, only sellers and buyers who really fit together are brought together. All the information you provide will be taken into account and evaluated.

Absolute flexibility and topicality

In your personal user area, your search profile can be adapted at any time. If your updated profile matches a saved Smartlist, you will automatically move to it and the Sell-Side will be informed.

High level of detail in the search profile

The detailed input options allow you to customize your search profile precisely. In addition, provide more information about current and former portfolio companies to further enhance the informative value of your profile.

Current information about your matches

We inform you regularly about your matches and give helpful hints on how you can make your profile even more meaningful and successful. An overview of all matches is also stored in your personal user area.

The buy side explained in 3 minutes (German language)

Do you still have questions about the functionalities of the buy-side? In this video we explain everything you need to know about the company and search profile in just three minutes (in German). If you have any further questions, you can contact us by email or by phone.

Steps to the perfect search profile


Define search criteria

Define your general search parameters. If required, you can individualize your financial search criteria for each sub-sector and supplement them with keywords.


Enter portfolio companies

By registering your current and former portfolio companies, you underline your sector expertise and optimize your buy-and-build strategy.


Enter contact person

Make it easier for the sell-side to access your company by defining sector-specific contact persons, that can be approached.


Publish your profile

With the publication you present yourself to a large number of sellers in a professional way. Your profile will be considered for both future and current Smartlists.


Adjustment of the business model, from now on free use of SLISTER!


  • bis zu 2 Branchen
  • voller Funktionsumfang
  • kostenlos - heute und in Zukunft
  • Upgrade jederzeit möglich


€ 450
  • bis zu 6 Branchen
  • voller Funktionsumfang
  • monatlich kündbar
  • kurze Kündigungsfrist
  • dreimonatige Probephase*


€ 600
  • unbegrenzter Suchumfang
  • voller Funktionsumfang
  • monatlich kündbar
  • kurze Kündigungsfrist
  • dreimonatige Probephase*

*) keine automatische Verlängerung nach Ablauf der Probephase; nach Ablauf der Probephase wird der Nutzer ohne entsprechende Vertragsverlängerung als BASIS-Nutzer weitergeführt



Q. Which payment models are available?

basic membership

With this model you have the full range of SLISTER functions at your disposal. However, you can enter a maximum of two sectors in your search profile. The basic membership is free and will remain so in the future. And if you need more sectors, an upgrade to a standard or professional membership is possible at any time.

Standard Membership

With this fee-based model, you have the full range of functions of SLISTER with up to 8 sectors at your disposal. The standard membership can be taken out as a monthly or annual subscription. If you decide to cancel the standard membership, your account will automatically be converted to a basic membership at the end of the contract term and you can continue to use SLISTER free of charge.

Professional Membership With this fee-based model, the full range of SLISTER functions is available to you without restrictions. Professional membership can be taken out as a monthly or annual subscription. If you decide to cancel your professional membership, your account will automatically be converted to a basic membership at the end of the contract term and you can continue to use SLISTER free of charge.

Q. What payment methods are available?

After you have decided for a standard or professional membership, you will receive an invoice to the deposited email address. Please transfer the invoice amount to our account stating the invoice number.

Q. What notice periods are there?

Your standard or professional membership will automatically be extended by the payment interval you have chosen if you do not cancel in writing at least two weeks before the end of the term. Your account will be converted into a basic membership with up to two branches after termination, so that you can continue to use SLISTER.


Q. What is a Smartlist?

The Smartlist is the result of a sell-side query. All representatives of the buy-side that match the query are listed here. Depending on the quality of the fit, you will receive so-called matching points, which determine your rank in the Smartlist.

Q. What are Matching Points (MPs) and how does the matching / scoring work?

Matching Points (MPs) describe the quality of the fit of the registered buyer to the request. The amount of MPs is calculated on the basis of a complex algorithm that compares all investment criteria, keywords and portfolio companies with the request.

Q. What are matches?

A match means that you are on a created smart list - your search profile matches a seller's query. In the Matches area of your user area you will find an overview on which Smartlists you were represented. The view contains information about sectors, sub-sectors, sales, achieved matchingpoints and your rank in the Smartlist. In addition, we will inform you - if desired - regularly by e-mail about new matches.

Q. What happens when I edit or update my search profile?

Your updated search profile is automatically compared with already saved smart lists. If your updated search profile matches a saved Smartlist, you will be added to it. Both sides receive - if desired - a notification about the new match.

Q. Why should I add portfolio companies and keywords to my profile?

The complex fit algorithm evaluates all the information you enter in your search profile and distributes so-called MPs according to the fit. The more information you enter, the better the algorithm can evaluate the fit.

Q. What information does Sell-Side receive about my company?

The Smartlist displays relevant information about your company and search profile as well as suitable portfolio companies and the responsible contact person. The selection of the information that is displayed depends on the individual query of the sell side. In this way we can ensure that you are optimally presented to the sell-side.

Q. Do I have to enter my complete profile including all portfolio companies immediately?

No, first it is sufficient to enter some general search criteria. Nevertheless, we recommend that you fill out the search profile as completely as possible in order to achieve the best possible fit.

Do you have any questions? Leave us a message!